Page speed Optimization

Pagespeed optimization is very important for every website. Because if you have not done page speed optimization, then your website will be very slow and the visitor will switch to your competitor’s website. Mean if your website is not optimized for speed than you are going to lose traffic as well as customers on your website.

Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insights calculate the speed of a page for mobile and desktop devices. Page speed insights fetch and check URL for mobile and desktop as well.
PageSpeed Insights checks if a page has applied common page speed optimization techniques and provides a score. A high score mean your website has a fast user experience but does not guarantee it.

Page speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization Techniques

Page Speed Optimization techniques are below which need to apply on the website to speed up web page loading time.

  • Avoid landing page redirects
  • Enable compression

  • Improve server response time

  • Leverage browser caching

  • Minify resources

  • Minify HTML

  • Minify CSS

  • Minify JavaScript

  • Optimize images

  • Optimize CSS Delivery
  • Prioritize visible content

  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript

  • Use asynchronous scripts

How to speed up web page loading time?

You can hire us and give your Cpanel detail. If you have a WordPress or other CMS website then we will need admin detail as well. We will implement all PageSpeed Optimization techniques and make your website fast on desktop devices as well as on mobile. It will take 3 to 4 days to speed up web page loading time.
Before hiring us you can visit google page speed insight or gtmetrix and check your speed. In this way, you will have idea that what was your website speed and how much we improved. Both links are below.